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Insecticides & Acaricides

A chemical substance used to kill, deter or control insects, insecticides are used in agriculture, medicine industry and general home use, they include Ovicide ( used to kill or control eggs) and Larvicide( used against larvae), it is widely believed that insecticides playing a big role in the yield increase in 20th century.


A chemical substance or biological organism used to kill or inhibit growth of fungi that cause economic damage to crop or ornamental plants (such as rusts in cereals, blight in potato, mildew in fruits) or endanger the health of domestic animals or humans.


A chemical substance that used to kill plants or inhibit normal growth of a specific plant, some herbicides are “selective” meaning they kill or inhibit growth while causing little or no harm to other plants. “Non-selective” herbicides tend to kill or damage all plants in a given area.


Any pesticide or treated article intended to kill, deter or control termites or protect a structure against subterranean termites, they include also baits, all conventional soil-applied pesticides, or any physical barriers used for termite control, termite detection or termite mitigation.

Public Health Pesticides

A chemical, Natural substance or biological organism used against public health pests and the diseases they may transmit.