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Anti- infectives

Pathogenic infections due to bacteria and mycoplasma are the most prevalent cause of disease in the livestock, leading to maximum economic losses. These pathogens mainly affect the respiratory tract and gastro- intestinal tract of the animal. Montajat has a delicately tailored range of these products that meet the needs of the customer to give results with best accuracy. Florjat, Micojat, Colijat, Spectolin, Tylojat and Doxyjat are some of the leading brands that are sold globally.

Anti- parasitics

Parasitism is an emerging threat to the livestock industry. It may be on the body of the animals (ectoparasites) or inside the animals (endoparasites). With a fast developing resistance to the older generation molecules, it has opened a way for new entities to enter the market. There are numerous dosage forms for application. Montajat has developed many novel products at its R&D, and has been spending enormously on research to develop new products by reverse engineering the recently off- patent molecules. Endjat, Tetraverm, Niclox, and Rafox are the leading endoparasiticides. Diazin, Ectraz, Cythrin and Deltathrin acaricides are meant for ectoparasites. Doramec, Ivermic and Ivermic super are endectocides that take care of both ecto- and endoparasites. Imidol, Diminazine and Theilex are excellent products for combating related blood parasites.


Disease prevention is more economical than treating infections. Usage of disinfectants and vaccinations are the modern concepts of biosecurity. Montajat has developed a range of disinfectants and detergents that are highly effective in such a prevention program. These can be used in series as a disinfection program in any farm. For more information, please visit our website. Combat, Primeclean, Impact, Sanodine, Formagene, Aquapure, Chloramid and Quatsan are some of the brands that are sold in different parts of the world, and are known for their high efficacy.


During affections, certain concomitant therapy is required that boosts the condition of the animal and assists in the efficacy of the antimicrobial or anti- parasitic agents. These include drugs against fever, liver dysfunction, rumen inactivity, production diseases etc. We at Montajat R&D have critically analyzed the customer needs and handpicked some of the most critically required products by the vets to enhance the efficacy of their prescription. Some of the innovative products are- Antox, Bromodil, Mondiur, Allervet, Tolfenac, Anorexin, Electrojat, Ketaflam, Phosphoril, Fluniflam , Keotocol and Lubrigel.


Vitamins are a critical part of supplementation in all animals. Their deficiency causes diseases which affects productivity and reproducibility. Quality of vitamins being used is very critical for the right efficacy of the product. We at Montajat have a dedicated team that specially works on the procurement of the vitamins, and approves the manufacturer after due QA inspection. Each batch is critically analyzed before being used in any formulation. This is one of the reasons why Montajat has a high reputation in the vitamin- baeed products in the market. Some known formulations are- Monvit- L, Monta.3, Monsel, Monvit- P, Monta-K, and Monta- C.


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